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What is "Perfectly You"?

How often do we choose the hard way? Ladies, here’s the reality:

  • We do not make ourselves a priority.  
  • Often we struggle to believe in ourselves.
  • ​We believe we can do it all ourselves.
  • ​We allow lack of confidence and self sabotage to set in.

Because of this, we created Perfectly You Mastermind.

Perfectly You is for women entrepreneurs; to encourage, inspire and empower each other. Our mission is for women to live a successful life on their terms with confidence and intent. We provide the space to brainstorm, hold each other accountable and share knowledge. Perfectly You is a mastermind to build strong, resilient and trustworthy relationships. We are a community of compassionate and driven women.
Meet The Founders
Wendie Lloyd
Wendie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mindset Coach, Best Selling author and Certified Keynote Speaker. She is a well known expert helping people turn their pain into purpose. Wendie has guided people of all ages through their journey of attaining their visions and dreams. 

Wendie encourages us to live fearless and aligned with our purpose. Her passion is watching others realize a life of fulfillment and abundance. She hosts a variety of events including personal and group retreats. Her extensive training, education and professional and personal life experiences and extraordinary ability to connect and inspire others has propelled her to one of the most sought after speakers and coaches. 
Cheryl O'Hearn
Following 28 years in Corporate America, Cheryl decided to pursue her passion and become an Entrepreneur. She works with her family, investing in Real Estate. Cheryl is a Certified Coach, Author and Speaker. Her specialty is assisting people with the mindset shift and transition from the Corporate world to Entrepreneurship; establishing daily habits and the discipline all entrepreneurs need for success. Cheryl shares her experience as a wife, mother, and family business owner. In addition, her no nonsense, direct approach to systems and the financial matters entrepreneurs need to understand for their business contribute to her coaching success.
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